It is so hard to believe that we are only three weeks away from summer! This school year has flown by! Our friends have had so much FUN learning about transportation this month. We have explored the various types of transportation (land, sea, air) and the different modes of transportation that we can use to get from place to place.  Our dramatic play center has been transformed into a car mechanic shop, airport, and a summer/beach play with a boat. The friends have taken on roles as mechanic, customer, pilot, flight attendant, passenger, captain, employer, and more. They explored the various tools needed when working with cars and the different roles needed when traveling in an airplane.  In the block center, our friends used blocks to build roads and bridges for traveling.            In table toys the friends used their classification skills to identify which transportation vehicle was different. They also explored counting above 10, recognizing/identifying the number 10-20, and match

April- Spring!

  It is hard to believe that we have already made it through April and are approaching our last full month of this school year! We have had so much fun at school this month learning about the season of Spring!  In the block center, the friends worked together to design and build flower shops and gardens with their friends. In the dramatic play center they engaged in play in our Flower Shop. The friends created bouquets and flower arrangements for their friends, they "planted" seeds to grow flowers, and engaged in role playing as gardener, employee, and customer.     The friends used various tools in the science center to explore the various parts of the flower and plants. They examined the stem, petals, leaves, and talked about the process of growing flowers and plants.     Our friends were busy in the math and literacy centers creating their own patterns and identifying and matching rhyming words. They used pictures of various bugs and insects to create their own patterns an